Road trip to Trikeri

Road trip to Trikeri


only your expenses

Starting time: at morning

  • Duration: All day
  • Ages: 5-70+

We start from Platanias to Lafkos and then turn left to Lafkos Milina (not towards Volos).

Arriving at Trikeri we have two choises: either to wander the village of Trikeri and then head to Agia Kiriaki or wander the village of Trikeri and navigate to the Alogoporos and from there then take the boat and move towards the island of Palio Trikeri.

It is a beautiful day trip where we are given the opportunity to see several villages in South Pelion, traveling by the sea. Trikeri is a village which in the old days had one of the largest merchant fleets and helped in the revolution of 1821 in a decisive way.

The current Trikeri is a very pretty village with large traditional tower houses (which indicates the financial health of the inhabitants of this region). There are many attractions that can be visited, like the Maritime Museum and the Church of the Holy Trinity, with its magnificent frescoes, which also has the throne of Great Napoleon!

Also , a visit to Agia Kyriaki ,at the port of Trikeri,is highly recommended . A big and beautiful fishing village, with restaurants and cafes , a shipyard and fishing nets spread all around to dry for the next fishing day , all around the picturesque small harbor.

Finally, if you are interested in lighthouses , make a visit to the lighthouse of Trikeri. This lighthouse has a height of 9 m. and it was built in 1864 by the French Company of Lighthouses.

trikeri village port pelion greece

Το λιμανάκι του Τρικερίου

island old trikeri pelion greece

If you want to go to the island of Trikeri , you will get off Alogoporos and park in the large parking lot there. From there , if the boat is at the port , we will get to the island . If not ,there are signs with the phones written over them , which you call and the boat comes immediately. On the island there are restaurants with fresh fish and local seafood .

Just 600 meters away, on top of the hill is the monastery of Panagia Evangelistria . A triconch church built in 1825-1837 AD,on the ruins of a conflagrated church which was burnt down by pirates in 755 AD. The reason for the creation of the Holy Monastery was the miracle of finding the image of the Virgin Mary in an olive root and other miracles that occurred around that time. The image and part of the olive tree are still retained in the inner sanctum of the monastery in plain sight.