Hiking route Platanias-Promyri

Hiking route Platanias-Promyri



Starting time: at morning or afternoon

  • Duration: 1,5+ hour
  • Scale of difficulty: : easy
  • Height amplitude 300m

The start of this route is from the houses of Platanias.

You will march to the main asphalt road (from Platania to Promiri) for 1700 meters, which should take us 15’ - to 50 meters before the settlement Mousgies. On your left you will find a yellow hiking sign, which is the beginning of our journey. You will then walk down the dirt road for 50 meters and come to the stream which we cross vertically (keeping the iron gutter on our right hand). Here starts the uphill dirt path by the stream on your right while a larger ravine appears to your left, with lush greenery all around .

Going slowly you will definitely have enough time to turn backwards and enjoy the beautiful view : Platanias with the port and the boats , the deep blue of the Aegean , the beautiful northern side of Evia. In the next 8 minutes,you will encounter another dirt road that you follow with direction to the right for 50 meters and then you get back to the path. Let yourselves be mindful of the yellow hiking sign here.

Another 5 'of gentle ascent , 50 meters after a left junction you left behind , you will continue straight and find a small path on your right that if you follow, you will descend to a small stream and you can cool ourselves down with the running water there . Far from there, 300 meters away to be exact, you will be passing through the Smaili residence and you will arrive at the chapel of Panagia .The asphalt road is 100 meters from that point.

Getting back to your main trail, you meet, through the next 8', timeless traditional farmhouses protected by stone walls, with concrete gutters on the right and a green gully bottom right (your asphalt "follows" from above and right). After a few meters of straight road, you will find on your right a pretty traditional whitewashed fountain where you can rest and enjoy the feast of wild beauty that this landscape generously gives you : cool running waters, tall trees, relaxing sounds, all of them transporting you to another time and dimension.

pezoporia platanias promyri pilio

Η συγκεκριμένη παραλία κατετάγη 4η παγκοσμίως σε διαγωνισμό για την άγρια φυσική της ομορφιά. Εκεί θα έχουμε την ευκαιρία να βγάλουμε εντυπωσιακές φωτογραφίες.


Your ascent continues. In 4 minutes or so you will find another dirt road , which you will follow for 30 meters,and to the right, there awaits for you the church of Hagia Sophia (unfortunately permanently locked ) . Up here you have gone through half the journey. In 7' - 8 ' walk from the church , following the dirt road , you will meet with the asphalt road and you will follow it for 50 meters left . A new hiking yellow sign on your right , puts you back in the well-maintained country road with Promyri as its direction .

Without crossing any other road, you will follow the road, that after a 10' walk, begins to close to a path. Here especially for the ladies, a long pair of pants would be necessary to protect themselves of any scratches from the thorns that are on course for the next 100 meters.In 20 ' since you left the asphalt, you will meet and pass vertically a dried creek and begin to traverse the left side of the ravine. At one point we plead for your attention: after gazing across from you, to our left and right, you will see the first houses of Promyri, yet tough soil and big stones hinder the smooth continuation of your course for the next 20 meters. Slowly and with confident movements you will descend beneath the ruins and the path will show up again a few meters away from you.

150 more meters of a still-cobbled path with gentle climb and the asphalt is straight ahead, (after the petrol station ) , in 200 more meters you will arrive at the village while to your left and up ahead , the road meets up with that of Katigiorgis . Total duration of your course is 1 hour and 20 minutes , depending of course on the rate of each one of you. We will of course let you know the hours of intercity bus that will bring you again in Platanias .

We wish you a good trip.