3-day tour “The other Mount Athos

3-day tour “The other Mount Athos


on request

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Participation: min 6 - max 70 persons

We organize an interesting recreational yet spiritual activities program for our visitors with the help of Holy Metropolitan of “Demetriados” that provides priests for liturgy.

We aim at real quiet vacation for meditation and God worshiping in a beautiful environment away from the noise of modern holiday destinations.

We, therefore, suggest a combination of visits either at your arrival or at your departure in non profitable local institutions such as Kassavetia Juvenile Prison where the dynamic registered charity for prisoners "Estavromenos" helps them, or “Aspres Petaloudes” institution for kids with special needs etc.

We are situated in Platanias in the south end of Pelion, just across Skiathos and the peninsula of Evia. The beautiful scenery consists of gorgeous accessible beaches and a rich green natural environment, that make this place an ideal destination for swimmers during the summer as well as for religious - nature lovers during autumn, winter and spring and whoever likes walking in paths that so amazingly blend with the mountain and the sea in a, still virgin, natural scenery.

Our hotel has 14 rooms-studios with two, three or four beds.

We also cooperate with the hotel next to us when there is a large group of visitors, providing 30 modern rooms-studios with two, three beds etc in total. There is central heating installation and we serve breakfast and dinner.

We have turned our interests in alternative forms of tourism, emphasizing in religious and cultural tourism in the last two years. Pelion is characterized as "the other Mount Athos" because of its unusual combination of mountain and sea, its geographical formation and its similarity to a peninsula. Furthermore, the great number of monasteries, churches, and other worship places, make it look like "the other Mount Athos" that attractively astonishes and spiritually benefits all visitors.

pelion hotel des roses platanias

Ξενοδοχείο Των Ρόδων, τρίκλινο δωμάτιο

Below, we suggest a three day activities plan that will make your stay at Platanias a memorable experience.

1st day :

Arrival in Platanias in the afternoon and arrange check-in the hotel rooms.

If the arrival is early enough we follow Vesper evening prayer service in our beautiful small church of “Agioi Anargyroi”.

Then we can enjoy traditional local food at dinnertime accompanied with local music and dancing from the local cultural club.

pilio platanias paralia
argalasti village pelion

Αργαλαστή, η "πρωτεύουσα" του Νοτίου Πηλίου

2nd day:

Apart from the standard things, our breakfast (8-9am) consists of our delicious homemade pies, eggs and cheese or “batzina” made from eggs, courgette, tomatoes and white cheese etc.

After breakfast (9-10:30am) we arrange an easy 2 kilometer walk to visit the gorgeous Byzantine church of "Panagia Mousgiotissa" with the admirable 18th century iconography where we are guided through a historical, iconographical and architectural tour of the monument.

We can also sing psalms from Hail Mary.

Departure (11am) for the village of Trikeri, the southern point of Pelion.

Visit to mountainous Trikeri (12 noon) and then we go down to Agia Kyriakh fishing village to enjoy fresh fish, seafood and traditional dishes.

On our way back to Platanias in the afternoon, we can stop if we want to for the evening prayer in either the village of Argalasti or Lafkos or we can visit the marble sculptures museum in the village of Lafkos and have a coffee in one of the traditional village plazas of Pelion.

Dinner takes place in our hotel. After dinner we can discuss issues of a spiritual kind.

monastiri timiou prodromou syki pilio

Ιερά Μονή Τιμίου Προδρόμου Συκής

3rd day :

Breakfast is served (8-9am) and then we depart from Platanias.

On our way back we can visit the holy temple of “Timios Prodromos” in the village of Syki and we can sit to Milies picturesque plaza where we can enjoy a cup of coffee, walk the cobbled paths, visit the library and the museum and admire the wonderful iconography and woodwork of the Agioi Taxiarhes church.

We can get on the steam old fashioned train, (condition to availability), that departs from Milies and arrives to Lehonia, a village on the outskirts of Volos (info and OSE train ticket line - 24210 24056). When we get off in Lehonia, our bus will be waiting for us to continue our return journey.

In order to arrange the price per person, please contact the hotel manager. Price includes: Overnight stay, breakfast and dinner (half board). If you stay for longer, we can enrich your experiences by attending the vigil in the monastery of Agios Spyridonas and by participating in our attached ecotourism program visiting the mythical sea caves of Thetida and the monachus-monachus seals.
For Christmas-New Year and Easter periods, our prices differ due to special menu and celebrations-music etc.