The Night Sky of Pelion

The Night Sky of Pelion


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Starting time: evening

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  • Ages: 5-70+

Pelion is considered one of the most unique areas in Greece and Europe with the darkest sky !

Live the unique experience in our hotel!

From the darkest parts of Greece and Europe, Pelion (and Lesvos, Limnos and Ai-Stratis ) are ideal places to observe the stars because of little or no light pollution . Light pollution is a major problem for astronomers and this is why the big observatories are built away from towns and villages, especially at high altitude in the mountains.

Here, you can easily venture to the Pelion countryside and enjoy the grandeur of the starry night sky . Star observation is a hobby concerning the knowledge of the night sky and the observation of celestial objects. As a hobbyist you can be very serious and dedicated or you can simply have fun with the idea of the unknown and discovery .

Certainly , there is nothing better than sharing an interest such as observation of the sky with others. The star observations give wonderful opportunities to try different optical instruments such as binoculars or telescopes , learn new skills and make friends.

Therefore, do not lose your cool if you can not locate an object directly and most of all, do not be disappointed if the view through the medium you are using is not perfect or does not look like those fancy colored objects you have seen in some photos . We will certainly help you find what you need, but you too can learn to enjoy anything yourself, always taking care to be informed about what is what you see.

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Οι ζωδιακοί κύκλοι και αστερισμοί κατά την ελληνική παγανιστική θρησκεία και μυθολογία

Our hotel has a medium telescope for amateur star observations , with which we enjoy the heavenly firmament , and nature.